Starbucks Card

1. What is the Starbucks Card?

Starbucks Card is a pre-paid, re-loadable card that might be used for payments for all assortment available at Starbucks stores in Romania. Additionally, a Starbucks Card might be registered on our website Registration of the Card allows for participation in Starbucks Rewards loyalty program.

3. Can the Starbucks Card be re-loaded?

Of course! Starbucks Card is a re-loadable card. Minimum amount of credit is 20 RON, maximum up to 1000 RON. You can reload Card through our website or in every Starbucks Store in Romania.

4. Is there a minimum amount that needs to be loaded on the Card during purchase?

Yes. The minimum amount that needs to be loaded on the Card during purchase is 20 RON. The whole amount can be spent straight away at all Starbucks stores in Romania.

5. How to re-load the Starbucks Card?

The Starbucks Card can be reloaded at any Starbucks store in Romania. It is as easy as ordering a drink. It might be done at the cash register. Additionally, the Card might be re-loaded through the individual account on the website

6. How to re-load a Starbucks Card online?

Starbucks Card can be reloaded on the website. To re-load the Card online you need to log in to your account on the website The reloading amount is between 20 RON and 1000 RON. Choose the desired form of payment (Visa/Master Card or money transfer via PayU) and follow instructions on the screen.

7. How the Starbucks Card balance can be checked?

There are three possibilities to check the Card balance:

1. Ask a partner at the register at any Starbucks store in Romania.

2. If the Card is registered, log on to your account through our website Your balance will be displayed on the front page of website.

3. Call Customer Service Center on + 40 31 433 5336 from Monday to Friday between 9.00 – 17.00.

8. Is it possible to set up the bill partially with the Starbucks Card and cash or credit card?

Of course. It is possible to pay for your purchase partially with the Starbucks Card and the remaining part might be settled with cash or credit card.

9. Does the Card have the expiration date?

Yes. The Card is valid for 24 months from the last transaction or re-loading. It means that every time you use the Card next to the purchase or re-load it, the expiration date is extended by 24 months, counted from the re-load or purchase date.

10. How to register the Starbucks Card?

Registration is easy and takes only couple of minutes. Go to our website Follow the instructions on the screen. When registration is completed, an e-mail with the activation link will be send to the e-mail address provided during registration. Click onto the link to complete the registration process.

11. What are the benefits of the Card registration? What operations might be done through the account?

Thanks to Starbucks Card registration you can:

• Gather Stars and enjoy benefits of Starbucks Rewards program.

• Check the Card balance.

• Reload Card online via website.

• Check the transaction history, number of Stars and rewarded benefits.

• Report the robbery or loss of the Starbucks Card.

• Manage your personal data.

12. Are there any other card designs available?

Yes. The Starbucks Card is available in different designs. All of them are displayed on the cash register in each Starbucks store in Romania.

13. Is there any limit for the number of products that might be purchased with the Card?

No, there is no limit. You can pay for all products available in our stores with your Starbucks Card. The only exception is the purchase of another Starbucks Card.

14. Is it possible to buy the Card in Romania and use it abroad? Is it possible the other way round?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. The Starbucks Card purchased in Romania is valid only in Romania. It can be used in Romanian Starbucks stores only. There is also no possibility to use a Card purchased in another country in Romania.

15. Where can I get more information?

For more information please contact our Customer Service Center.

To make sure our customers are fully supported with all areas connected to the Starbucks Card, a hotline was launch. It can be reached through the phone at + 40 31 433 5336 (charged as a local call, according to your provider tariffs) or through email: .

Our Customer Service Centre operate:

From Monday to Friday: from 9:00 - 17:00
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

Public Holiday: Closed.

Starbucks Rewards

1. What is Starbucks Rewards Program? How to participate in it?

Starbucks has launched the Starbucks Card together with Starbucks Rewards program onto the market to thank the most loyal customers. Once the Card is purchased, register it on our website to be rewarded with benefits and additional information about Starbucks. If you pay with the Starbucks Card, you may enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on us every time you collect 100 Stars.

2. What are the benefits connected with Card registration?

You will be welcomed into the program with 50 bonus Stars. For each 100 Stars you have collected, you will get a Tall or Grande beverage on us. You will be one of the first to receive information about new products, discounts and special offers. If you have a Gold Status you will get a gift beverage or a cake for your birthday, additional coffee toppings and many more!

3.Why is it necessary to register the Card if I want to join the program?

If you create an account in Starbucks Rewards program, it will allow us to contact you, provide you with a gift drink each time you collect 100 Stars, birthday reward*, as well as many other gifts, special offers and invitations. Additionally, the registered Card is safe in case it is lost or stolen.

* for members with Gold Status

4. What are the Stars? How to collect them?

Stars are the points in our loyalty program. Each time you pay for a bill with a registered Starbucks Card you will get Stars. Amount of Stars that you receive is dependent on your bill value – for each 2 RON spent you will get 1 Star. For every 100 Stars you will get an invitation for a Tall or Grande drink on us. If you collect 200 Stars in a year, you will get Gold Status and receive some exclusive benefits. You may always check your Stars balance on your account.

5. What is Green Status and Gold Status?

When you register in our program you will automatically receive Green Status with which you can benefit from special offers, promotions and discount for Starbucks Rewards members. You can also get a gift beverage for each 100 Stars you have collected. To get Gold Status collect 200 Stars in 12 months. With Gold Status you get all the benefits for Green Status plus you can add the additional topping or espresso shot for your drink, birthday reward, exclusive offers and many more!

6. How does the Star system work?

It is very easy! Just register your Card on the website For each payment with a Starbucks Card you will get the Stars. Amount of Stars you receive depends on your bill value. When you collect 100 Stars, you will get Tall or Grande drink on us.

7. Is it possible to give my Stars to a friend?

Unfortunately, Stars are linked with one account and cannot be transferred to another one.

8. How do I know that I have appropriate number of Stars to get a gift beverage?

Within 24 hours you will receive this information together with a voucher for a beverage. This email will allow you to use your invitation in one of our stores. Present your coupon to partner at the register on your next visit to enjoy your favorite beverage on us.

9. How quickly can I get my voucher for a gift beverage from the program?

Maximum within 24 hours after the 100th Star have been collected.

10. Do the Stars have an expiration date?

Yes, it's 24 months since your last payment or re-loading your Starbucks Card.

11. What is the expiration date of my coupon?

The expiration date differs depending on the offer. Your voucher for collecting 100 Stars is always valid for 30 days.